ALBATROS TRANSLATION, your biggest contributor in the translation sector

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We are continuing our way in translation with our 100% satisfaction philosophy, which we offer our customers in translation and translation. Since Albatros Translation, we have continuously provided the following services to our individual and institutional customers.

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Our services

As ALBATROS TRANSLATION we carry the rightful pride of having successfully completed countless translation works. ALBATROS TRANSLATION is a leading and preferred in translation sector, providing a live channel to contact the outside world with the singular translation solutions developed specially for our personal and corporate clients.

Why us ?

As ALBATROS TRANSLATION, we provide sworn, notarized, written and oral translation services in all official languages around the world, with a professional service understanding. During this period,

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We meet the translation requirements of our clients operating in different fields with our expert translators in their fields. In addition to this, translations can be made in the necessary cases, with the second

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Apostille Certified Translation

Our technical translators, our editors, organization and language, you have our operational team, in the format that you will be “approval time” delivery Ed.

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ALBATROS TRANSLATION, your biggest contributor in the translation sector